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PowerShadow is your bodyguard! buy
PowerShadow works both pro-actively and protectively to shield you from anything that threatens the life of your computer system. Installation of PowerShadow is like planting an amazing protection mechanism called the Shadow Mode. It is designed to defend you against millions of viruses, spyware and Trojan horse that would love to invade your system.
PowerShadow WorkStation 3.0 new
jiemian (1) Easiest to Use
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Redesigned user interface,easy to set up and maintain
Password Protection provides a more secure environment to protect your real system
Folder Relocation is ideal for enterprise users, it enables you to save data to non-system partitions
Off-line Activation is an extra convenience for intra network users
PowerShadow uses the most unique and innovative technology – -Virtualization Technology to clone a virtual operating system, identical and fully functional as the original, named Shadow Mode. Everything
you do in Shadow Mode is virtual. Therefore, when virus and malicious software attacks, it does not attack your real system, but the clone of the operating system.Therefore, when you exit PowerShadow mode,everything (except what you save to a non-system drive) vanishes. Likewise, if a virus attacks, it attacks the clone system.If spyware is installed, it is installed on the clone system only. If you delete a file, you only have deleted a clone file, leaving the original untouched.   Read more…
Features Comparison PowerShadow Anti-virus Software
1. Prevent any unknown
and future virus
Yes! No
2. Low system capacity
Yes! No
3. Need constant upgrades No! Yes
4. Ensure the highest level
of protection and anonymity
Yes! No
5. Allow automatic maintenance Yes! No
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